Weekly Pew Sheets

This weeks pew sheet (as well as ones from previous weeks are available to download below). 

Pew Sheet 28th March 2021 (Online) (Compressed)

Previous Weeks Pew Sheets

Pew Sheet 21st March 2021 (Online) (Compressed)

Pew Sheet 14th March 2021 (Online) (Compressed)

Pew Sheet 7th March 2021 (Online) (Compressed)

Pew Sheet 28 February 2021 (Online) (Compressed)   

Pew Sheet 14th February 2021 (Online) (Compressed)

Pew Sheet 14th February 2021 (Online) (Compressed)

Pew Sheet 7th February 2021 (Online) (Compressed)

Pew Sheet 31st January 2021 (Online) (Compressed)

Pew Sheet 24th January 2021 (Online) (Compressed)

No Pew Sheet for the w/c 17th January

Pew Sheet 10th January 2021 (Online) (Compressed)

Pew Sheet 3rd January 2021 (Online) (Compressed)

No Pew Sheet for the w/c 27th December

Pew Sheet 20th December 2020 (Online) (Compressed)

Pew Sheet 13th December 2020 (Online) (Compressed)

Pew Sheet 6th December 2020 (Online) (Compressed)

Previous Months Pew Sheets can be found in the Archive:  Click Here

Church Times “Lift up your hearts” Sheet

church-times-lift-up-your-hearts-24-july-2020 (Compressed)

church-times-lift-up-your-hearts-17-july-2020 (Compressed)

church-times-lift-up-your-hearts-10-july-2020 (Compressed)

church-times-lift-up-your-hearts-3-july-2020 (Compressed)

church-times-lift-up-your-hearts-26-june-2020 (Compressed)

church-times-lift-up-your-hearts-19-june-2020 (Compressed)

church-times-lift-up-your-hearts-12-june-2020 (Compressed)

church-times-lift-up-your-hearts-5-june-2020 (Compressed)

church-times-lift-up-your-hearts-29-may-2020 (Compressed)

church-times-lift-up-your-hearts-22-may-2020 (Compressed)

church-times-lift-up-your-hearts-8-may-2020 (Compressed)

church-times-lift-up-your-hearts-1-may-2020 (Compressed)

church-times-lift-up-your-hearts-24-april-2020 (Compressed)

church-times-lift-up-your-hearts-17-april-2020 (Compressed)

church-times-lift-up-your-hearts-9-april-2020 (Compressed)