Your Church Needs Your Help

This weekend (22-25th May 2020) would usually have played host to some of the most important fundraising events of the year in the Benefice.  In past years these events between them would have raised in excess of £20-25,000, money which each parish would have used in a variety of ways such as for the upkeep, maintenance, improvements to facilities and of course for the ongoing mission and outreach of the Church in Stoke, Nayland and Wiston.

However, with Stoke’s Spring Fair and Art Exhibition, and the Nayland Fete all falling victim to the Virus, and with other planned events for later in the year across the Benefice unlikely to take place, we cannot escape the fact that that there will now be significant shortfalls in our parish finances, and that our limited reserves cannot last for ever.

Therefore I am making an appeal to all our regular worshiping community, as well as our friends and neighbours in our parishes, that if you would normally have made a donation, or spent money at these events, would you please consider making a gift to your respective church – there has never been a more important time to ensure that the work and mission of our churches, benefice and diocese continues without undue fear and worry over finances.

Cheques etc can be sent to your chosen Church Treasurer (details below) for the work of that specific church, or please do contact them directly and they will be able to provide you details of how you can make a one off gift by Bank Transfer/Online Banking, and provide a Gift Aid Form if required.

St James’ Church, Nayland
Treasurer:      Mr Jonathan Pearson, Stourfields, 42 Stoke Road, Nayland CO6 4JD
Tel. 01206 263965    Email.

St Mary’s Church, Wissington (Wiston)
Treasurer:      Mr John Branfield, 11 The Brackens, Highwoods, Colchester CO4 9SD
Tel. 01206 845107     Email.

St Matthew’s Church, Leavenheath
Treasurer:      Mr Andy Phipps, 21 Mayfields, Leavenheath, CO6 4US
Tel. 01206 263618     Email.

St Mary’s Church, Stoke-by-Nayland
Treasurer:      Mr Adam Sedgwick, Downs House, Church Street, Stoke by Nayland, CO6 4QR
Tel. 01206 262437     Email.

St Mary’s Church, Polstead
Treasurer:      Mr Martin Mitchell, Oak Lodge, Straight Road, Polstead Heath, CO6 5BB
Tel. 01787 210476     Email.

Of course if you are able to make a regular monthly gift by Direct Debit using the Parish Giving Scheme, please see the information in the pages below.

Like many other charities, our much valued Parish Churches in this Benefice are facing a significant reduction in income and giving as a result of not being able receive collections during our Sunday and other services, and also having to cancel many significant fundraising events because of the virus. Whilst we are doing all that we can to mitigate our expenses we cannot reduce them entirely and so are reliant on all of you to continue to give as generously as you can to your church.

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to do this is via the “Parish Giving Scheme” this allows individual donors to set up a regular gift to the parish of their choice by Direct Debit.

You can now do this quickly and efficiently (it normally takes around 15 minutes) simply by calling the following telephone number:  0333 002 1271

You will need to have the following information to hand:

  • Personal bank account details
  • The name of the parish you wish to donate to (see below)
  • You will need to confirm if they want to increase their gift in line with inflation each year (if you can please say ‘Yes’)
  • Confirm if you are eligible for Gift Aid
  • The PGS code for your chosen parish (see below)

Stoke-by-Nayland, St Mary – 330633068
 Leavenheath, St Matthew – 330633059
Polstead, St Mary – 330633064
Nayland, St James – 330633062
Wissington, St Mary the Virgin – 330633071

Once you have signed up you will receive written confirmation (by email or post) of your Direct Debit, including details of the parish you are supporting, the amount of your gift and the date of your first donation.

If you are already signed up to the Parish Giving Scheme, thank you.  Should you wish to make any changes to the amount you currently give you can notify a member of the PGS team by phone 0333 002 1260, email or in writing to “Parish Giving Scheme, 76 Kingsholm Road, Gloucester GL1 3BD”

You can download this message to share with those who do not have access to a computer here: —->  Your Church Needs Your Help (May 2020)

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