Gospel Oak & Rural Mission Sunday 2017

The view from Polstead – but not the ‘Gospel Oak’ itself

The sun almost shone as we took our service outside and into the grounds of Polstead Hall which are adjacent to St Mary’s Church for our annual celebration of St Cedd coming to the parish in 653AD and preaching outside underneath the ‘Gospel Oak’.    Whilst the old tree finally died in 1953 (revealing it was almost 1,400 years old), the Gospel Message continues.

Age is no barrier – so all were involved in the retelling of the Parable of the Sower

No, domestic violence isn’t taking place but Bill Wigglesworth (our churchwarden) and wearing his yellow shirt as he takes on the role of “The Hot Sun”, withers the poor plants.

Other plants, growing in good soil are growing quite happily – ready to bear much fruit!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a special occasion, from the musicians, to those who provided refreshments, as well as those who helped carry the chairs.

A Prayer for Rural Mission Sunday

Creator God,

through whose word all things came into being, and by whose
power all is sustained: your creation renews inspires awe and
worship, strengthens us with hope and calls to us to wonder
at your mystery.
We pray that, filled with the Spirit who leads us to Christ, you
would open our eyes to see your gifts and open our hearts
that we may share them with others.
May the churches across our countryside be centres of
community, places of welcome and human warmth, and
channels of the hospitable love offered us in Jesus.
We pray this prayer in His holy name.


Rt Revd Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury


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