Potato Party ‘a Smash’ in Polstead

The Best Dressed Potato

Last Saturday (8th July) whilst the village was basking in a glorious sunny day what seemed like most of Polstead descended upon the gardens at the home of Juliet  &  David Allerton, with many wheeling wheelbarrows full of mud and potato plants.

It turns out that they had been given a couple of seed potatoes earlier in the year with a challenge to see who could grow the best crop, with prizes for the the winners – and let’s just say that the crop size varied considerably, from just a couple of potatoes to whole baskets full.

If you weren’t green fingered then there were still plenty of potato themed activities to join in with – including the “Best Dressed Potato” contest (see picture above) – or you could find a shady spot and simply sit back with a cup of tea and some home made cake.

A massive thank you to everyone who joined in, and a special thanks to Juliet & David and her family for all the hard work they put in.    The total profit for the day was an incredibly respectable £723.61 but even more rewarding was the enjoyment had by all.


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